Setting Sun 落阳

Sun sets, reddened skies Life ceases, misery rites Turn from night’s melancholy To the life once roamed, spectacular sights. 落阳当空夕阳红 人生落幕几许愁 不让黑夜引惆怅 只记美景曾悠游 (Bedok Reservoir Park, Singapore) Continue reading Setting Sun 落阳

Half Awakened 半醒时

Half awakened at daybreak Iridescent skies accompany my intoxication The breeze brings the morning sun, rising Alone I await, I alone intoxicate. 破晓时分半醒时 七彩天际伴我醉 微风迎来晨阳升 独自等待独自醉 (Punggol, Singapore + Photography: Adam Then) Continue reading Half Awakened 半醒时

True Love

True love is a dinghy boat – Unassuming, a little old- Fashioned, but reliable and Trustworthy; you can tell by the Way it feels when you run your Hands on its woodened walls Mellowed smooth by the Storms it has weathered, Yet never a stronger vessel will You ride, for true love endures till At thy harbour it arrives. (Kaohsiung City, Taiwan) Continue reading True Love